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Mission Statement


            Since taking over Pineland’s ownership, I have directed my staff of black belts to maintain the highest possible standard of instruction in every area of training. Whether you or members of your household are already part of the Pineland family, or whether you are considering joining it, I want to personally assure you:

The instructors of Pineland Karate are absolutely and universally committed to maintaining a safe, constructive and controlled environment within which to successfully endow students of all ages and abilities with discipline, respect, control and the capability to effectively defend themselves in a real-life situation.

            This is the standard to which both my students and instructors are held, without exception. We do not tolerate students who make a pattern of abusing their peers, and I have never encountered and would not allow a Pineland instructor who does not teach in a constructive and responsible manner to instruct in my school.

            I also wish to make it clear that we do not whatsoever encourage physical aggression as a means of resolving disputes or arguments. In all cases, we teach our students to avoid physical confrontation where even remotely possible, and to take every opportunity to resolve conflicts without violence. However, we do believe that in order to effectively defend him or herself, every student must be completely confident in his or her ability to do exactly that. We aim to instill each and every student with that confidence not so they can use it as a basis to start physical conflict, but so it might help them avoid it. Obvious weakness will only encourage a potential assailant, whereas the confidence we instill in our students will have the opposite effect.



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